I got it
Choose your body type
Describe your typical day
Mostly at home
At the office
Daily walks
Physical work
When was the last time you were at your ideal weight?
1 year ago
5 years ago
We work through habit creation which provides long lasting results
What applies to you?
Eating too many sweets
Drinking soft drinks
Poor sleeping habits
Eating late at night
None of the above
What are your energy levels throughout the day?
I feel tired most of the day
Tiredness comes after lunch
Dragging before meals
I feel energized 24/7
Do you exercise?
Daily walks
1-2 times per week
3-5 times per week
How much do you sleep?
Less than 5 hours
5-6 hours
7-8 hours
More than 8 hours
Benefits of a personalized
weight loss plan
Faster, sustainable weight loss
Feel great about your body and looks
You will never have to spend a dime for another weight loss program in future
Constant energy level during the day
No need to change your lifestyle as the plan adapts to your needs
Knowledge you will use for a lifetime
Reduced health problems
Increased lifespan
What applies to you?
I am a vegetarian
I am a vegan
I am on Keto diet
I am gluten intolerant
I am lactose intolerant
None of the above
How much time can you spend for a meal prep?
up to 20 min
up to 40 min
up to 1 hour
We are a fit!
Based on your answers:
Of the diet plans on the internet would not fit your preferences and lifestyle.

Why? Because mainstream weight loss plans are created for the masses. 99% of the content in your personalized FASTE Fitness plan will be created exclusively for you.

We have found more than
200 meal combinations and 50 workouts
exclusively for you!

How many times are you ready to workout during the week?
1 workout
1-2 workouts
3-5 workouts
How much time can you dedicate to a workout?
up to 15 minutes
15-30 minutes
30-60 minutes
more than 1 hour
How much water do you drink daily?
1-2 glasses
5 glasses
more than 8 glasses
Let’s check your body
measures and goals
Your age
Your weight
Your weight
Your height
Target weight
Target weight must be lower than current weight
Target weight
Target weight must be lower than current weight
Processing your data your weight loss plan is being prepared. Sit tight.
We’ve created
your personal weight loss plan